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TransitQuote Pro 4.3.3 Released

TransitQuote Pro Courier Software For WordPress

The latest version of the TransitQuote Pro transportation price calculator WordPress plugin is now available to download.

This version is primarily maintennance update and includes a number of bug fixes, technical improvements and two new features.

New Features

WordPress Hooks For Integration With 3rd Party Plugins

This is a feature which will help web developers integrate TransitQuote with any other WordPress plugins installed on your courier or transportation website.

Web developers can now use the WordPress add_action function to subscribe to events that occur in TransitQuote Pro and access the data being processed.

This can be used to access the data stored by TransitQuote from other parts of your website or to send incoming information to other plugins.

For example customer contact details can be saved in a CRM or email marketing database in addition the database visible in the TransitQuote dashboard.

The actions that are available are:


This action is triggered after a customer has requested a quote and it has been automatically generated by TransitQuote.

When subscibing to this action your callback function will recieve an array containing the job details and quote which is normally displayed to the customer on screen.


The new job action is triggered after a new job booking has been saved in the WordPress database.

When subscibing to this action your callback function will recieve an array containing the job details including the reference number, quote and customer details.


The update job action is triggered when the job status is changed (for example from New to In Progress) in the dashboard or from the TransitTeam driver’s page.

When subscibing to this action your callback function will recieve an array containing the job details including the reference number, quote and customer details. The Job Status ID included will be the newly change job status value.

Email Preview Shortcodes

TransitQuote automatically generates two emails when a job is booked.

One is sent to your customer and the other to any number of internal addresses that you can specify.

When you are changing the email text in the dashboard it is useful to be able to preview the email without having to actually send it.

The two new shortcodes are:

[tq_customer_email] – Displays a preview of the customer email.

[tq_dispatch_email] – Displays a preview of the internal dispatch email.

To use the shorcodes first create a new page and enter the shortcode in any text block.

To see the preview you also need to provide a job id. This is done by adding the job_id to the web address of the new page which you visit it.

If your customer email page is:

Using job id 10 as an example, you can specify the job to use in the preview by entering the following as the web address in your browser:

You will now see the customer email displayed in your browser and any changes you make in the Email Settings tab can be quickly viewed by refreshing the page.

We recommend only using these email preview pages during the setup process and removing them when the email is as required, or on private pages which are not publicly accessable.

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes are also included in this version:

  • Fix datepicker bug affecting out of hours charging.
  • Fixed radio button display issue when deliver and return is set to Ask.
  • Rates page PHP warning removed when no rates are set for a particular service / vehicle combination.

Download the Latest Version

Existing customers with the standard version of TransitQuote Pro can download the latest version from the My TransitQuote Page.

Connect Your Website To Anything with the TransitQuote API

Connect Your Courier Website To Anything With The TransitQuote API

An effective website is a powerful tool for your transportation business.

Modern websites have enhanced or entirely taken over many business functions such as:

  • Marketing your services
  • Booking customer work requests
  • Sending customer information to team members
  • Providing answers to customer queries
  • Providing updates on the status of work in progress
  • Accepting online care payment

All these tasks generate valuable information that your business can report on such as:

  • Financial information
    • Price quotes presented to customers
    • Sales revenue
    • Sales taxes
  • Time Management Information
    • Dates and times of bookings
    • Time taken for staff to complete services
    • Response time requested by customers
  • Customer Information
    • Contact Information
    • Customer Enquiries
    • Website analytics

With the TransitQuote API we give your transportation business website the ability to connect to any external application or system.

All the data above can be monitored, collated, reported on and used to improve your business.

TransitQuote Pro 4.3.1 – Holiday Rates

TransitQuote Pro Holiday Rates

The latest version of TransitQuote Pro can now adjust your delivery or transportation price quote depending on the booking date and time.

This new feature allows your company to vary your prices if bookings fall on:

  • Holiday dates (these can be defined in the WordPress dashboard)
  • Weekends
  • Out of Hours (bookings made for times outside of your booking start time and booking end time)

From your Website To Your Team: Job Assignments (Online Demo)

TransitTeam Delivery Job Assignment Plugin For WordPress

One of the core processes of any transportation business is allocating jobs to drivers.

Whether you run a courier, private vehicle hire service, do home removals or deliver food your business will be more effective with a fast and simple way to give accurate details of each new job to your staff.

With the release of the TransitTeam add-on for TransitQuote Pro we aim to make this process more efficient for companies that use a WordPress website to accept online orders for delivery or transportation services.

Customer Job Fulfilment Begins On Your Website

TransitQuote Pro

Think for a moment about your the website for your transportation business.

What are the business benefits you expect your website to provide?

Do you think of it purely as an advertisement, much like your listing?

Does your website exist to help new customers to discover you when the search for couriers, freight or delivery services on Google search?

Is it simply a quick way for customers to look up your business phone number?

These are all great reasons, but they are only scratching the surface of what your website can do for you.

Stress Free Dispatch Management With TransitTeam

TransitTeam Dispatch Management WordPress Plugin

Introducing TransitTeam

Managing a transportation business can be stressful.

As your client base grows so do your responsibilities.

More jobs to complete means taking on more staff.

More staff means more to organize, more communication, less time for you and often more stress.

As you hire contractors, part time staff and full time staff it’s essential to make sure the right person has the right information at the right time.

This is true of any business, but it is especially the case when each job has a tight deadline.