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October Offer: Save $199 With a Free Setup Service

To celebrate the launch we will be giving away a free setup service normally priced at $199 the first 10 customers that purchase a monthly or annual TransitQuote Pro licence before the end of October.

The setup service is a complete done for you service which includes:

  1. Installation of TransitQuote Pro
  2. Setting rates as per your requirements
  3. Resolving any conflicts with other plugins or your website theme
  4. Adjustments to the form appearance so the quote calculator fits seamlessly with your website theme
  5. Setup and testing of payments with WooCommerce.

TransitQuote Pro comes with a money back guarantee. If you are unable to use TransitQuote on your website for any reason we will cancel your subscription and issue a full refund.

To be eligible for this offer just visit and purchase a monthly or annual subscription for TransitQuote Pro.

Please note that free setup services will be scheduled in the next available development slot only after we have reviewed your requirements.

Ready To Launch Your Website?

As business owners we all want to make the best impression possible when a potential customer discovers us for the first time.

In the online world we want our customers to take one look at our website and instantly know they have found a highly professional transportation company that will efficiently complete the task at hand.

These are commendable goals to work towards.

Throughout the life of your business website you will always find ways to improve your customers experience, streamline their journey through the website pages and make your online booking process faster and easier.