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2019 – Accelerating Into The Future

happy new year from the transitquote team 2019

New Year’s day is a special time. The frenzy of pre-holiday activity is over. The celebrations are winding down. This is the perfect time to take stock of the past year and consider all the possibilities the next year will bring.

2018 was an exciting year here at TransitQuote. We have taken great strides towards our goal of making TranistQuote Pro the fastest way to set up an automated online quote, ordering and payment system for the transportation industry.

Here are some of the highlights of our year.

TransitQuote Pro 4.2.8 Released

TransitQuote Delivery Calculator Business Area Restrictions

The latest release of TransitQuote Pro transportation quote calculator includes a number of small but important improvements based on customer feedback.

Area Of Business Restrictions

If your transportation or delivery business operates in a specific geographical area such as a city or district, you can now set up a radius from your center of business operations and prevent job requests for customers from outside of this area.

We have always had a geographical restriction in place for the list of addresses that appear in the drop down addresspicker using Google’s “location biasing”  which prioritizes nearby addresses over those far from your business area.

This update will enforce the restriction so no addresses can be entered if they are outside of the radius you specify.

To enable the radius search limit:

  1. Make sure you have a Business Location entered in the Map Options dashboard tab.
  2. Enter a radius in kilometers in the Search Radius option in the Map Options dashboard  tab.
  3. After saving the settings page you will see a preview of the area on the settings page map so you can confirm the area is correct.

Improved Compatibility with WooCommerce Customer Account Login

We started using WooCommerce as a payment gateway at the beginning of this year and have had a lot of great feedback on the additional flexibility it provides.

WooCommerce is an incredible ecommerce tool with many useful features other than just processing payments for your delivery company.

WooCommerce includes a customer login feature, where customers can log in to view their orders and invoices. Until now TransitQuote was not compatible with the option to allow customers to log in on the checkout page.

In TransitQuote Pro version 4.2.8 we have fixed this problem so if you use the customer account feature in WooCommerce you can give your customers the option to login as a returning customer on your website.

New Download Area

If you have already purchased TranitQuote Pro you can download the latest version from a new download area on this website called My TransitQuote.

Download area logins have been created for all customers with a monthly, annual or lifetime licence.

If you have not yet received an email advising you of your login details, just go to the login page and click the “Lost your password?” link. Your username will be the email you entered when purchasing TransitQuote.

In the download area you will find links to download the newest version of all products you have purchased and instructions on how to install the updates.

If you need any help accessing your download area or with updating the plugin please contact us via our contact page.

Save 40% On Your Pro Subscription With the TransitQuote Referral Scheme

Introducing The TransitQuote Referral Scheme

Would you like to reduce your monthly TransitQuote Pro subscription fee by up to 40% for as long as you use our software?

All current customers with a TransitQuote Pro monthly or annual licence can take part in our referral scheme to earn big discounts for all future subscription payments.

How It Works

Do you know someone with a business that would benefit from using TransitQuote Pro?

When you recommend our software to someone else who then buys a monthly or annual licence for TransitQuote Pro, we will give you a 20% discount on your own monthly or annual payments.

We also give you a discount code to give to the person you are referring so you can help them out with a 10% lifetime discount when they sign up.

Each TransitQuote Pro customer can do this twice for a maximum discount of 40% on all monthly or annual subscription payments.

  • Refer your 1st customer and your monthly payment will be reduced to $31.99
  • Refer  your 2nd customer and your monthly payment will be reduced to $23.99

How To Refer a Customer

  1. Send us a quick message requesting your referral codes via our Contact Page
  2. We send you two discount codes – one for each customer you refer to us. Each code can be used only once.
  3. When we see that one of your discounts codes has been used, we will enable a %20 discount for all future payments on your subscription.
  4. The discount will be applied to all your future subscription payments.

Everybody Wins

In summary:

  • You receive a 20% discount for each customer you refer
  • The customer you refer receives a 10% discount
  • Each additional subscription allows us to invest more and speed up the development of future versions of TransitQuote, improving the software for everyone.

TransitQuote Pro 4.2.7 Release (Complete Feature List)

TransitQuote Pro is constantly being updated with new features is chosen based on feedback from our customers.

Updates in this weeks release include:

Fully Customization Form Labels For Light Theme

To help businesses that wish to use TransitQuote Pro for an audience whose first language is something other than English we have now made all form labels customizable in the Order Form settings tab.

This will also help companies for which the standard text is less suitable for their brand or business model.

Date and Time Fields Now Optional

Requesting a collection date and timeslot may not be a requirement for your business. If you prefer to contact your customer to suggest a date and time for a job, you can now disable the date and timepicker fields in our Order Form settings.

Quote Only Mode

If you prefer not to accept bookings with TransitQuote you can now select “Quote Only” in our Order Form settings and allow your customers to get an instant quote but will not prompt them to enter their job information.

Improved WooCommerce Tax Integration

You can now choose to use WooCommerce tax calculation as an alternative to or combined with the tax calculation within TransitQuote. This allows for more flexibility in the way the WooCommerce checkout can be configured when itemizing customer orders.

Complete TransitQuote Pro Feature List

A complete list of TransitQuote Pro features is now maintained at:

TransitQuote Pro Complete Feature List

If your business requires a feature not included in TransitQuote Pro we are always happy to hear you suggestions.

Features useful to all TransitQuote Pro customers will be added to future releases. For more specialized requirements we build add ons or custom versions of the software as required.

October Offer: Save $199 With a Free Setup Service

To celebrate the launch we will be giving away a free setup service normally priced at $199 the first 10 customers that purchase a monthly or annual TransitQuote Pro licence before the end of October.

The setup service is a complete done for you service which includes:

  1. Installation of TransitQuote Pro
  2. Setting rates as per your requirements
  3. Resolving any conflicts with other plugins or your website theme
  4. Adjustments to the form appearance so the quote calculator fits seamlessly with your website theme
  5. Setup and testing of payments with WooCommerce.

TransitQuote Pro comes with a money back guarantee. If you are unable to use TransitQuote on your website for any reason we will cancel your subscription and issue a full refund.

To be eligible for this offer just visit and purchase a monthly or annual subscription for TransitQuote Pro.

Please note that free setup services will be scheduled in the next available development slot only after we have reviewed your requirements.

Ready To Launch Your Website?

As business owners we all want to make the best impression possible when a potential customer discovers us for the first time.

In the online world we want our customers to take one look at our website and instantly know they have found a highly professional transportation company that will efficiently complete the task at hand.

These are commendable goals to work towards.

Throughout the life of your business website you will always find ways to improve your customers experience, streamline their journey through the website pages and make your online booking process faster and easier.