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5 Effective Strategies For Managing a Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

An effective fleet management strategy is crucial for the success of any delivery business. The goal of fleet management is to maximize efficiency and minimize costs while ensuring the delivery vehicles are in good working condition and the delivery of goods is timely and consistent. Here are 5 strategies for managing a fleet of delivery vehicles:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance
  2. Route Optimization
  3. Driver Management
  4. Technology Implementation
  5. Real-time Monitoring

Custom Development Service Relaunch

Custom TransitQuote Development Service

Are you in need of a delivery pricing and management tool that is tailored to the specific needs of your business?

While our core software packages aim to be as flexible as possible, we understand that all businesses have different requirements.

That’s why we are proud to announce the relaunch of our software customization service for the TransitQuote range of delivery pricing and management tools for WordPress.

2023 Will be a Year of Upgrades

Software Redesign

We’re excited to announce that 2023 will be a year of major upgrades to the TransitQuote suite of delivery pricing and job management tools. Over the past year, we’ve been researching and testing some new web technologies and components which we are using to create a more streamlined experience for your businesses.

Are You Ready for 2021?

Fresh snow on the road

It’s the beginning of a new year and after last year, boy are we glad!

The holiday season is over and those of us who can work from home or are key workers are back at work.

After the Christmas rush many industries including couriers and logistics can be on the quiet side during January so it is the perfect time to strategize and make plans to improve and grow during 2021.