TransitQuote Mobile App First Release Today (Android Version)

TransitQuote App Released

This week all customers with an active TransitTools subscription can download and install the Android version of the new TransitQuote mobile app.

Who Is the App Designed For?

The app is designed primarily for use by drivers or delivery teams while out on the road fulfilling deliveries.

Staff responsible for assigning jobs to drivers can also use the app with a higher level of access to view all incoming jobs and assign them as required.

Self Employed or Owner / Operator businesses where the business owner is the main driver with contractors helping out.

Do Jobs have to be Assigned or Can Drivers Choose Jobs?

The app has two different modes:

Centralized Mode – For large teams where jobs are assigned out by a central office.

  • Drivers can only see jobs assigned to themselves and cannot reassign jobs.
  • Dispatch users can see all jobs and assign them to a list of drivers.

Decentralized Mode – For Owner/Operator businesses and small teams that allow drivers to pick their own jobs.

  • Drivers can see all unassigned jobs and can assign to themselves.
  • Dispatch users can see all jobs and assign them to a list of drivers including themselves.

What features are included in the first version?

This version of the mobile app is intended to replace or be used in addition to the TransitTeam add-on, including:

  • View all incoming jobs received via your courier or transportation business website.
  • Access full details of each job whether online or offline.
  • Update the job status to trigger an update to the customer via email and the job tracking page of your website.
  • View directions provided by Google Directions for each job.
  • Assign jobs to yourself or your delivery team.
  • Assignments and status updates made offline will sync with the rest of your team when you go back online.

What are the plans for future development of the TransitQuote Mobile App?

Mobile apps have full access to the most powerful native features of mobile devices. This gives us the option of doing many things that were not possible with TransitTeam.

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis we are already working on contactless proof of delivery which will use the mobile device’s camera and GPS to produce a POD document for each job.

We have many more potential features in planning at the moment and will announce these as we start to work on them.

Do you have a suggestion for the app? The features in our software are based on your suggestions so let us know and we may will be able to include your idea.

Will I receive access to the TransitQuote mobile app? 

If you have a TransitTools subscription the Android app is already available from the My TransitQuote download area on this website and the iOS version will be added shortly.

If you have a TransitTeam subscription you will also receive access to the app in the near future.

Will the app be released on the app store?

We are planning an app store release in the near future however this is not currently a high priority.

Mobile App Release Order

This is the first stage of a staggered roll out with the App being released to customers in the following order:

  1. TransitTools package to be upgraded to include the Android mobile app for all new or active customers.
  2. TransitTeam customers receive access to the Android app.
  3. TransitTools package  to be upgraded to include the iOS version of the mobile app for all new or active customers.
  4. TransitTeam customers receive access to the iOS version of the mobile app.

What are the prerequisites for the TransitQuote App?

  1. A WordPress website
  2. TransitQuote Pro
  3. TransitQuote API
  4. TransitTeam
  5. An Android mobile device (iOS coming very soon).

How do I set up the TransitQuote API and Connect the Mobile App?

Please follow the guide and video here.

For further instructions please see the following articles in our support area.