TransitQuote Pro

TransitQuote Pro is the fastest way to start accepting customer bookings for delivery, transportation or travel services on your business website.

TransitQuote Pro adds the following to any WordPress website:

  • Our automatic distance-based price quote calculator gives your customers an instant price for their job.
  • Google Maps integration ensures customers provide accurate addresses and calculates directions.
  • Customers can quickly book the job using a fast and easy order form.
  • Customers can pay by credit card on your website using any online payment provider that is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Your staff receive notifications of incoming jobs by email.
  • Job status can be managed and updated in the WordPress dashboard.


TransitTeam is an add-on for TransitQuote that adds the following features to your WordPress website:

  • Assign incoming jobs to drivers from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Each driver can log into a mobile optimized jobs page to view their job list and full job details.
  • Driver logins and contact details can be managed from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Drivers can update the job status via the mobile job list, providing immedate visibility of when a collection is made or the delivery is completed.
  • Updating the job status can trigger email alerts to customer or internal email addresses.


TransitTrack is a TransitQuote Pro add-on which provides a web page on which customers can track the process of their job.

  • A new shortcode adds a search box for the job reference to any web page
  • When the customer types in the reference number an attractive animated progress bar is displayed which shows the progress of the job based on the currently selected job status (New, In Progress, Collected, Delivered etc.)
  • The job status can be changed in the WordPress dashboard by your dispatch or admin team or can be updated from the TransitTeam driver view.