About TransitQuote

The TransitQuote product range, website and services were built by Creative Transmissions – a software development business based in Glasgow, Scotland in the UK and run by lead developer and architect Andrew van Duivenbode since May 2010.

We launched the TransitQuote website in mid 2018 to communicate our focus on developing the TransitQuote WordPress plugin and associated add-ons and services. Our mission is to build the easiest way for any size of transportation business to automate their customer quotes and business processes using WordPress.

Background: Creative Transmissions

In the early days Creative Transmissions initially provided general web development services to clients on a contract basis.

The most exciting projects at the time were Google Maps API integrations so in 2014 Andrew narrowed the business focus to meet demand and set up Custom Google Map Tools website.

In the years since 2014 Andrew has been producing Google Maps based jQuery and WordPress plugins and PHP based back end systems for clients around the world.

We now have a pool of talented developers, designers and specialists who form project teams to create custom software solutions or build the TransitQuote product range.

Background: Andrew van Duivenbode

Andrew has been writing software since teaching himself how to program the 8 bit computers of the early 90s in the Highlands of Scotland.. He discovered a love for web development during his Internet Technologies degree at the University of Paisley.

Andrew spent 4 years working in IT for Ernst & Young, followed by a year of building databases to automate business processes for the SQA.

He spent the following 5 years writing JavaScript and SQL while developing web apps which Burn Stewart Distillers used to process operational business data for use in strategic decision making, before leaving to start Creative Transmissions.

His goal is to make the best new web technologies accessible to help up and coming businesses grow efficiently.

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