Author: Amit Pant

How To Backup Your WordPress Website

The importance of backing up your WordPress website for your courier business can hardly be exaggerated.

Just like saving your work when you are writing a paper or a report is crucial, backing up your website regularly is just as crucial, if not more.

In a world driven by technology you always want a backup for your system, documents, or database.

Accept Payment With WooCommerce

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The TransitQuote team are delighted to announce the integration of WooCommerce to our popular transportatin and delivery quote calculator, TransitQuote Pro.

WooCommerce is the world’s leading open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows businesses across the world sell their products and services with great simplicity and efficiency. It is free and 100% customizable as per the needs of your online business.

TransitQuote Pro is a WordPress plugin that designed for businesses who bill customers by miles or kilometers travelled. TransitQuote Pro can be easily installed on your WordPress site to automatically provide a courier quote calculator using which your customers get a quote for your services.

With its integration with TransitQuote Pro, all our existing and potential customers can use WooCommerce to accept payments with TransitQuote Pro for their businesses.