TransitQuote Pro Complete Feature List

TransitQuote is constantly being updated with new features and improvements.

This page is a complete list of features available in our latest version.

We have many more features planned and release new plugin versions on a regular basis.

If your business would benefit from a feature we have not included, please let us know via our contact page.


  • View incoming jobs in the main job list
  • Click each job to see the job details view
  • Assign a status to the jobs so the can be tracked, such as New, Assigned, In Progress, Collected, Delivered, Completed, Cancelled
  • Filter the main job list by date
  • Sort the main job list by any column


  • View all customer contact details in a sortable list
  • Edit customer contact details
  • Delete customers and their jobs


  • Charge per mile or kilometer
  • Charge per hour of estimated travel time
  • Charge a set price
  • Set distance boundaries within which different charging methods apply
  • Set different rates for each vehicle
  • Set different rates for each service
  • Combine any of the above charging methods as required for your business


  • Add any number of services for you customers to choose from i.e. Standard, Priority, Next Day
  • Show a description of each service in the order form
  • Link each service in the order form to a full page about the service
  • Each service can use a different set of rates and distance boundaries


  • Add any number of vehicles for you customers to choose from i.e. Bike, Motorbike, Van, Box Truck
  • Show a description of each vehicle in the order form
  • Link each vehicle in the order form to a full page about the vehicle
  • Each vehicle can use a different set of rates and distance boundaries


  • Add an addtional charge based on areas which you can set by drawing on a Google Map
  • Ask for weight in the booking form and add and additional fee per unit of weight or number of pallets.
  • For jobs with multiple drop-offs, add an additional fee for each additional address.

Order Form

  • Choose from the Classic or Light theme
  • Reorder the form to show either Customer or Delivery information first (light theme only)
  • Mobile friendly datepicker
  • Mobile friendly timepicker
  • Configure timepicker to used intervals such as half hour or hour slots
  • Configure timepicker to only accept bookings within specific times
  • Enable or disable optional fields:
    • Postal code
    • Unit / Apartment No
    • Contact name for the collection and destination addresses
    • Contact number for the collection and destination addresses
    • Collection date
    • Collection time
  • Update form labels:
    • Search Section Title
    • Job Information Section Title
    • Collection Address Label
    • Destination Address Label
    • Insert Destination Link Text
    • Remove Destination Link Text
    • Unit / Flat / Apartment No Label
    • Collection Date Label
    • Collection Time Label
    • Map Title
    • Contact Section Title
    • Quote Section Title
    • Quote Label

Map Options

  • Set the map center to your business location or any other address
  • Use miles or kilometers to measure distances
  • Use geolocation to center the map on customers location where permitted
  • Optionally  measure the chargeable travel distance from your start location to include the mileage from your base to collection location

Quote Options

  • Quotes in any currency
  • Set a percentage for the tax calculation
  • Limit the number of destinations that can be included in a job
  • Charge for the return journey from destination address back to collection address
  • Apply a percentage to the return journey mileage (i.e 50% for return journey)
  • Show Estimated Travel Time in quote section
  • Set a minimum notice period for booking times
  • Charge an additional amount for jobs booked within the minimum notice period
  • Do not accept jobs valued below a specified price
  • Do not accept jobs within a minimum distance
  • Do not accept jobs over a maximum distance
  • Do not accept jobs below a minimum estimated travel time
  • Do not accept jobs over a maximum estimated travel time

Blocked Dates

  • Prevent bookings on certain date ranges
  • Enter any number of date ranges during which bookings will not be accepted

Alternative Rates Depending on Delivery Time

  • Set different rates for out of hours
  • Set different rates for weekends
  • Set different rates for holiday dates

Email Options

  • Send staff notification emails to one or more email addresses
  • Set a standard message which will be included in the emails sent to customers when a job is booked
  • Set Subject, To, From and Reply To addresses for standard emails

Payment Options

  • Accept bookings with or without payment in advance
  • Accept online payments via credit card or any method accepted via any WooCommerce payment gateway
  • Set the name of your service on the WooCommerce order or invoice
  • Tax options
    • Include tax In WooCommerce price
    • Allow WooCommerce to calculate tax
  • Change name of WooCommerce payment button
  • Change name of On Delivery payment button