Save 40% On Your Pro Subscription With the TransitQuote Referral Scheme

Introducing The TransitQuote Referral Scheme

Would you like to reduce your monthly TransitQuote Pro subscription fee by up to 40% for as long as you use our software?

All current customers with a TransitQuote Pro monthly or annual licence can take part in our referral scheme to earn big discounts for all future subscription payments.

How It Works

Do you know someone with a business that would benefit from using TransitQuote Pro?

When you recommend our software to someone else who then buys a monthly or annual licence for TransitQuote Pro, we will give you a 20% discount on your own monthly or annual payments.

We also give you a discount code to give to the person you are referring so you can help them out with a 10% lifetime discount when they sign up.

Each TransitQuote Pro customer can do this twice for a maximum discount of 40% on all monthly or annual subscription payments.

  • Refer your 1st customer and your monthly payment will be reduced to $31.99
  • Refer  your 2nd customer and your monthly payment will be reduced to $23.99

How To Refer a Customer

  1. Send us a quick message requesting your referral codes via our Contact Page
  2. We send you two discount codes – one for each customer you refer to us. Each code can be used only once.
  3. When we see that one of your discounts codes has been used, we will enable a %20 discount for all future payments on your subscription.
  4. The discount will be applied to all your future subscription payments.

Everybody Wins

In summary:

  • You receive a 20% discount for each customer you refer
  • The customer you refer receives a 10% discount
  • Each additional subscription allows us to invest more and speed up the development of future versions of TransitQuote, improving the software for everyone.