Affiliate Programme

TransitQuote has an attractive affiliate programme that could help you make some extra income by referring our software to your customers or clients.

Our affiliate programme is particularly effective when your business has a website or provides digital products or services such as web development to the transportation industry.

What is the TransitQuote Affiliate Programme?

We distribute software via a 3rd party company called Paddle. They provide the checkout on our website and process online payments and subscriptions.

We have the option of setting up an affiliate programme with Paddle for anyone interested in enrolling in our affiliate program. Here’s how it works:

  • If you register to be an affiliate, you receive a special link to any of our payment pages.
  • Every sale made through that link will earn you 30% commision on the sale.
  • As most of our sales are subscriptions, you also receive 30% of each future payment.
  • Commision payments are made directly into your bank account once a month.

You can provide the link to your customers or you can use it yourself to make purchases on their behalf.

Note: If you do make the purchases on their behalf then please note that the future subscription payments will be deducted from your account automatically and you would be responsible for billing your customers for each payment.

We recommend that your customers register themselves as that way Paddle takes care of all billing and it will be less admin work for you, but either way is fine as far as we are concerned.

We will still provide support if you need assistance with problems or questions related to your client’s websites. You would just need to let us know the website address and the contact for each website, or relay any questions via your own email address.

The good thing about affiliate links is that you can use them as many times as you like, so you can include it in a blog post or social media post and anyone who purchases through it will earn you commision.

How Do I Register?

There is an application form to be filled in on paddle’s website. This will register you as an affiliate so that any subscription via your affiliate link will  be registered as yours and the commission can be added to your account.

When this has been completed, you will need to email us so we can create the payment links for you.

  • The links will be for your affiliate account.
  • Each link will take you to a payment page for one of our products.
  • Whenever anybody clicks on these links and then makes a payment, 30% of the sale price will be attributed to your affiliate account.
  • If you will be completing the purchase on behalf of your customer, please make sure to enter your customer’s email address rather than your own so your customer ​will have access to updates and support.
  • If you would like to give your customers a discount, you can use any valid discount code.

​When the purchase is made, an email will be sent to your customer’s registered address asking them to set a password on the TransitQuote website.

After setting a password they will be directed to the login page and after login, they will see the download area and can download the latest version of the software.