Reselling TransitTools

If you are a web agency and would like to resell TransitTools or any of our products to your clients we have an affiliate programme which will give you 30% of all subscription payments.

For full detail see, Introducing the TransitQuote Affiliate Program

Rebranding TransitTools

We can rebrand TransitTools for your customer so that all user facing and dashboard views use their company colours and logo and mention their company name rather than TransitQuote.

We keep a copy of the code for the customized version so that it can be updated with new features and stay compatible when new versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and web browsers are released.

Your customers will receive an email from us when their custom solution is updated so that they can log in and download each new version.

Rebranding will be a one day custom development job billed at our standard price for one day 180 GBP.

This covers changing aesthetics and text only and does not include functional change such as new form elements.

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