How To Apply Surcharges to Zones Drawn With Google Maps

The TransitQuote Pro WordPress plugin for couriers and transportation companies now includes the ability to create any number of zones using a Google Map of your area of operation.

You can set up any number of surcharges and assign them to one or more of the zones you create, for example:

  • Parking surcharge: $5.00
  • Traffic congestion fee $10.00

By assigning a surcharge to a zone you can automatically add it to the quoted price for the job.

If zones are layered on top of each other (for example the parking zone could be within the traffic congestion zone) then both surcharges will be added to the job total price.

To see how surcharges and zones are created please see the 4 minuite video below.

– Add a surcharge in the TransitQuote Pro WordPress dashboard.
– Create a surcharge zone
– Select a surcharge which will be applied to any job with a pick up or drop off address within the surcharge zone.

In the video the surcharge zone is visible on the customer facing map. This is an optional feature which can be turned on and off as required.

The demo features an itemized breakdown of the quote with the additional price displayed as and Area Surcharge.

The itemized price breakdown is hidden if your customers would prefer to see the total price only.