Assigning Jobs To Drivers

To assign a job to a driver or team member first check the following:

  1. TransitTeam has been installed and activated
  2. The driver has been added in the TransitTeam Drivers page of the TransitTeam dashboard.

To assign a driver to a job:

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard as a Dispatch user or an Administrator
  2. Go to the TransitQuote Pro menu
  3. Go to the Jobs tab
  4. Select the name of the driver in the job list

When the driver has been assigned successfully:

  • The Job Status drop down will automatically be changed to “Assigned”
  • The Job will be visible to the driver on the My Job List page

Please note that drivers can not re-assign jobs to other drivers via the job list. This can only be done from the dashboard where the driver list is available.