Online Demos

TransitQuote Pro has been designed with flexibility in mind and can be configured in many different ways depending on your business requirements.

Below are some demos you can try to see some of the available options.

TransitTools Full Demo

The TransitTools demo has the full suite of software installed including:

  • TransitQuote Pro – Providing price quotes, bookings, online payments, dashboard and email notifications.
  • TransitTeam – Providing driver and dispatch logins, driver job list and job sheet pages.
  • TransitTrack – Providing the tracking page where customers can enter their reference number to set the job details and status.
  • TransitTime – Providing simple scheduling and preventing double bookings.

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TransitQuote Pro Mileage Calculator with Fixed Start Address

This demo is been configured as a mileage calculator for a business that charges travel costs when providing a service.

The price calculation uses set prices of £50 or £95 for the service price plus the transportation cost based on a per mile rate.

The google maps distance between the business premises and the customer address is used with the per mile rate as a fuel cost calculator so the business can ensure their travel costs are covered when providing the service.

When setting up a courier website with multiple service available it is often useful to use a separate form for each service on individual pages. This makes it easier to share and market the booking page as it has a more specific focus.

TransitQuote Pro includes a shortcode option for offering a service per page such as this one.

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TransitQuote Pro With Multiple Vehicles

The TransitQuote Pro mileage calculator demo on this page is an example of how this WordPress Plugin can be configured for courier systems and transportation companies that give customers a choice of vehicle when booking a job.

Each vehicle can have a different set of rates and distance boundaries. The google maps distances between places is used to determine the rates to charge the customer and an automatic price quote is generated.

To find out how this is set up in the dashboard please see this article:

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TransitQuote Pro with TransitTeam

This demo shows TransitQuote Pro with a choice of vehicles and services. The mileage calculator returns the google maps distances between places and generates a different price quote for every combination of vehicle and service.

The demo includes the TransitTeam WordPress Plugin add on which includes the ability to assign jobs to drivers and gives drivers a login so they can view a mobile optimized job list and job sheet.

If you would like a login to try assigning jobs and viewing the mobile job list please request a demo login on this page.

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