Different Rates for Different Vehicles

The TransitQuote Pro delivery quote calculator can be set up to provide different customer quotes for different types of vehicle.

For example, if your business delivers by motorcycle, car, van or truck you can present all of these as options for your customers on your website order form.

When the customer clicks to generate a quote TransitQuote Pro will automatically charge different rates depending on the rates you have set for each vehicle in your dashboard.

To set this up in the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website
  2. Click on the TransitQuote Pro menu
  3. Select the Vehicles tabDifferent Rates for Different Vehicles
  4. Type the name of the new vehicle into the Vehicle box
  5. Type a description into the description box. This is for your reference although if you book our set up service we can optionally show the appropriate description to your customer as they change the delivery vehicle option.
  6. Press the Save Vehicle button.

Now that the new vehicle has been added, you can set the rate per hour, per mile/km or a set rate for the vehicle by selecting it on the Rates tab: Set rates on the Rates tab of the TransitQuote Pro dashboard.