COVID-19: A Message To Our Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading around the world is an unprecedented challenge for people everywhere.

We urge our customers to take every precaution to ensure their safety and that of their family and loved ones and follow the guidance provided by government and medical staff.

The transportation and logistics industry is playing a vital role in distributing food and essential supplies where they are needed.

Drivers and delivery teams are among the unsung heroes of this crisis as they keep our shops and essential services stocked and equipped.

TransitQuote is run by an online business based in Glasgow with a team of remote workers around the world in locations which are currently on lockdown.

We have advised our team to take whatever time is needed to prepare and protect their households.

We will continue to provide technical support to our customers, although for the time being we cannot accept any new requests for custom projects or new features.

All currently scheduled projects will continue although there will be some delays for which we apologize.

This is a time to put health first by protecting against the spread of COVID-19 and taking care of mental health in a time where we are all under an additional level of stress.

Please do what is necessary to protect your staff as well as your customers and stay safe if you are out on the road.

Andrew van Duivenbode.

TransitQuote HQ.