TransitQuote Roadmap


It’s an exciting time for TransitQuote as we are currently pushing forward some major improvements to our core plugin.

We have a clear vision for the future of TransitQuote which is focused on the following areas:

  1. Portability: Making the job be accessible on any device or platfom, online or offline.
  2. Connectivity: Connecting the TransitQuote customer and job list on your website to other online services.
  3. Customer Experience: Providing more flexibility in the way that your customers can interact with your business web forms and mapping features.

Our major feature updates are chosen to improve at least one of these areas.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are something we welcome from our customers as they are a key factor in driving the future development of  TransitQuote.

Not every feature requested will make it into the core product. To facilitate businesses with more specialist needs we have a process for creating custom extensions or add-ons to the core plugin which can be installed optionally.

If you would like to request a feature or custom add-on then please let us know via our contact page.

Upcoming Major Features

The items below are the next major features on our roadmap. If you would like to recieve news of when they are release you can join our mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page.

Improved Form Layout Options [Currently In Progress]

We provide custom form themes for some clients which include adding and rearranging the form fields and changing how form sections are revealed as the customer progresses through the order process.

By restructuring our form templates we will be opening up some new customization options which would previously only have been available as part of a custom theme.

It is our hope that this will make the plugin more flexible for businesses where a specific form layout is a key part of the website design.

TransitQuote API

Connectivity and portability of data is a huge efficiency boost to any business.

Plans for the API include:

  • Simple methods to download and update job and customer data for use in other online services and apps.
  • JSON API for ease of parsing data
  • OAuth authentication

App For Drivers

Following the API, our next priority is to enable offline access to job data for staff.

TransitQuote Add-Ons

  1. TransitTracker: Delivery tracking page for customers to check thier delivery progress. [In Beta]
  2. TransitTeam: Driver registration, assign jobs to drivers, mobile friendly jobs list with job sheets for drivers. [In Early stages of development]
  3. Reporting: TransitQuote uses relational database tables instead of the custom post types that many plugins use. This gives us the ability to run reporting queries quickly even for large amounts of data and will enable many reporting options in future.

Other Features

The following have been suggested but are not currently a high priority. If any of these items are essentials for your business, please let us know as this helps us prioritize what to include in each update.

  • Quote for journeys in straight lines – point to point as opposed to by road
  • Quote by volume – allow customers to specify how many boxes or pallets of a particular size or weight to transport
  • Scheduling