TransitQuote Pro Setup Service

What is the TransitQuote Pro Setup Service?

Running a business takes a huge amount of time and effort.

Taking time away from the day to day work of providing a service to your customers can be difficult.

The goal of TransitQuote is to help you streamline your business website and save time for you by automating quotes and payments.

If your time is already at a premium our team can save even more time by setting up and testing TransitQuote Pro on your website for you.
What Is Included?

Our setup service includes the following:

  • TransitQuote Pro installed for you
  • The quote calculator and order form added to the page of your choice on your website
  • Your business rates set up and calculations tested for all service and vehicle options you offer
  • Google Map configured with your location Online Payments via WooCommerce set up and tested with a test account
  • Automated email message text set up to your requirements
  • Any conflicts with existing scripts on your website resolved

What Is The Process?

  • Your website is backed up so we can work on it offline without affecting the running of existing website
  • TransitQuote is installed and activated
  • The order form is added to the page of your choice with and configured as per your requirements
  • Google Maps is configured with our test API key
  • Map options are configured for your location and area of business
  • The calculator is configured with the business rates you specify
  • WooCommerce is installed with all relevant pages such as checkout, my account and a confirmation page.
  • The WooCommerce payment gateway of your choice is set up and tested with a test account
  • Any visual conflicts with your website theme are resolved by adding custom CSS style rules
  • Any JavaScript / jQuery / PHP conflicts with the theme and any other plugins are resolved
  • We send an invoice you for the setup service amount (payable online)
  • The updated website is uploaded to our test server so you can try it out
  • When the invoice has been paid we upload the changes to your live website
  • We provide you with instructions for linking it to your live credit card processing account so you can start taking customer orders

How Long Does It Take?

Please allow for a 2 day turnaround plus any additional communication time. Due to demand this service must be booked in advance and there may be a 1-2 week waiting time until a time slot is available.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for this service is a one off payment of $99.99 when purchased with either a yearly or monthly licence for TransitQuote Pro.

Terms and Conditions

  • The setup service covers integration with one WordPress theme and website configuration only.
  • The service does not include WooCommerce customizations such as customized My Account areas or WooCommerce emails or invoices.
  • If you change to WordPress theme with a different visual style after the setup service has been completed and require visual adjustments to match the new theme, we are happy to help however the additional development time will be chargeable.
  • If you add new plugins that conflict with the installation we are happy to help you resolve any issues, however if a solution requires code changes the additional development time will be chargeable